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How to use your phone to write

Let’s face it, making time to write can be difficult for anyone, especially moms. I get it. As a busy mom myself, I know exactly what it's like to be constantly interrupted by kids, a spouse, the phone, the list goes on. It can be a daily struggle making time to write.

Most of your days are probably filled with things like work, appointments, household chores and tons of other unexpected things, called life. Writing can best be done in a quiet space where your creativity can run wild. I find that my best writing is done at night or at a coffee shop or my local library.

Have you ever had a million and one things running through your mind, while trying to write? I have and that's exactly why I want to share with a few phone apps you can use to cultivate a daily writing routine.

You may not be writing a novel or something you one day plan to publish, you may simply like writing. No matter what your reason for writing is, here are five phone apps you can start using today.


  • Color Note

  • DNotes

  • My Notes

  • One Note

  • Scarlet Notes


  • Apple Notes

  • Simple Note

  • Drafts5

  • Zoho Notebook

  • Byword

If any of these apps help you, please let me know in the comments below.

Be encouraged and know that if God called you to write you will have to do the work. Using these writing apps are tools I hope will help you to develop a writing routine.

Be blessed,


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